Recent books edited &/or proofread

  • The Unforgiven – Ashley Gray (Pitch Publishing) Edit of book that has subsequently won the 2021 Cricket Society & MCC Book of the Year Award, and Daily Telegraph Best Cricket Book
  • Scotland’s Lost Clubs – Jeffrey Webb (Pitch Publishing)
  • Losing My Spurs – Anthony Potts (Pitch Publishing)
  • Rangers 101 – Tommy McIntyre (Polaris Publishing)
  • Billy Liddell at 100 – Peter Kenny Jones (Pitch Publishing)
  • Sixty Years a Red … and Counting – Brian Barwick (Pitch Publishing)
  • The Untouchables – Jeff Goulding and Kieran Smith (Pitch Publishing)
  • Drop In – Billy Morgan with Mark Turley (Pitch Publishing)
  • Not All-Ticket – Richard Lusmore (Pitch Publishing)
  • Football is Better with Fans – Antony Rickson (Pitch Publishing)
  • Legacy of the Lions – Gavin Hastings with Peter Burns (Pitch Publishing)
  • Just Champion – Jeff Holmes (Pitch Publishing)
  • Tekkers – Seth Burkett (Polaris Publishing)
  • Stalemate – John Isaac (Self-published)
  • Black & White – Brian Dobbs (Pitch Publishing)
  • The Wooden Heart – Daniel Abrahams (Self-published)
  • Cabin in the Clouds – Jackson Beck (Self-published)
  • Jake & Friends – Daniel Abrahams (Self-published)

Other experience

  • 20 years’ experience of reviewing, editing and proofreading local government internal audit reports, tables, action plans etc.
  • Editing and proofreading of a variety of business and academic documents.
  • Voluntary work for archives service, proofreading transfer of documents from paper to electronic versions.
  • Proofreading, editing and compositing monthly village newsletter.
  • Editing work for local history society on World War I book.
  • Editing and proofreading documentation and website for a local music co-operative.

Regular customers

  • Pitch Publishing
  • Polaris Publishing
  • Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club
  • Arena Sport
  • John Isaac
  • Daniel Abrahams
  • Peter Beck
  • Newgen


Ivan is most definitely a must-have guy if you’re looking, like I was, for a professional editor, as I was to improve the book manuscript I had recently finished. Ivan delivered on time, discussed options all the way through the project,  as well as amending and updating the project until he was satisfied prior to submitting as a finished product. I can’t speak highly enough about the guy, and all I know is he is part of my team going forward as I look to move on later this year to my next book. Thank you Ivan.

Thanks so much for the final proofread. I am very happy with it and you were very good with making all changes etc. I have just sent on balance with a little extra as feel you do great work and well worth the price. 

He was very professional, conscientious work, progress reports every day, content editing is excellent and timely delivery. I would hire him next time. 

Just what I was looking for. He double checked with me to make sure I got what I wanted and delivered ahead of time. 

Ivan delivers above and beyond what is expected in a very timely and professional manner. Definitely hiring again. 

Ivan has done a great work proofreading my text. He is knowledgeable, cooperative and a real gentleman. Would recommend him any time.

In the jungle of Freelancer.com where non-English speakers from remote countries apply for jobs they aren’t even qualified for, and clogs up your inbox with ridiculous proposals, Ivan is a standout and true professional. I hired Ivan to do a final proof-edit on a 40,000 word book that’s already gone through 3-4 rounds of editing. In order for the manuscript to be format ready, the job included fixing many loose ends, requiring a multitude of skills. Ivan provided a project plan divided into days and addressed all my concerns timely. If you value high standards, reliability, attention to detail and someone who is actually qualified in what he’s doing (UK certification, native English, proven professional track record) — trust Ivan with your next project — you will not regret it. A good editor is an investment for your project.

Excellent freelancer and very professional. Understood the assignment, and delivered exactly as expected. His profile shows his calibre.

I am very lucky that I found him. Nice to work with him.